Great British Bonus fillies can win up to £20,000 in bonus prize money per eligible race.

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The Great British Bonus (GBB) is a prize scheme for the breeders and owners of British-bred Flat and Jump horses that race successfully in Great Britain. Owners, breeders and the winning connections of each horse can win up to £20,000 per eligible race.

Do you have a GBB eligible filly or mare?

The scheme is open to GB-bred fillies and mares on both the Flat and over the Jumps who qualify under the following categories:

up to £20,000 bonus

Foals born in GB, sired by stallions standing in GB.

up to £10,000 bonus

Foals born in GB, sired by stallions standing abroad.

Every year there are thousands of races eligible for GBB bonuses both on the flat and over the jumps. Of those, over 500 are fillies and mares-only races which offer the opportunity to win a bonus of  £20,000. In 2024, we will payout over £4.5 million in bonuses. Join the club - breed, buy and race GBB fillies.

Breeders receive a split of the prize fund in both categories. They can win up to £4,000 in bonuses for each race won as well as benefiting from increased demand for British-bred stock.

Owners and other connections to the horse can win up to £16,000 per race won.

So, it's a WINWIN for owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys and stable staff.

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